Qiang Huang Workshop- Ann Arbor

In preparation for his upcoming workshop in Austin, Tx, I remembered some photos from one of his previous workshops.

20150504_114314 (2)


Here is his palette consisting of: naples yellow, yellow ochre, cad light, cad orange,alizarin crimson, cad red, transparent oxide red,ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, phtalo blue, perm green light.

IMG059 (2)



This is the first still life set up.

IMG057 (2)



He uses five steps in this painting: placement, value, color, modeling and consolidation. Below is an example of the value stage or underpainting with transparent oxide red mixed with ultramarine blue.  His underpaintings were pretty without the color added.

20150504_101104 - Copy (2)


Here is the completed still life painting. Gorgeous!

IMG060 (2)

At his next workshop I will try to capture his complete process.  Looking forward to it!!


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